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jueves, julio 05, 2012


Given the false ads disseminated by Angel Martinez Dominican citizens residing in the City of Miami, Florida, USA on their web site:

In which openly states that belong to your organization disseminating written my image without consent or authorization. in which also indicates the false advertising that I am his agent or private detective in Argentina.

And which also boasts in violation of Federal law and the Constitution of the United States by making false references as follows:

"Martinez Investigations Inc.
It is a Private Investigations Agency established in the state of Florida, USA.

 The agency is currently run by Angel Martinez, an expert
research in the areas of international criminal justice and services
Safety ..
which for years has been their experience to
of the most recognized U.S. federal and state agencies
and international.

Our staff consists of former U.S. federal agents
(FBI, DEA, INS, SS, CIA) and Israel's Secret Service with over 30 years
Path. "..

False advertising on this website  http://www.martinezinvestigations.com/Argentina/

I once more, perform publicly clarifying that do not belong or have belonged to any of the organizations mentioned in your appointment.

I want to publicly make clear this statement to tornarme not for the stupidity of another, I will be hit as a target for any terrorist attack that because of these false claims, become a victim.
Before my applications without favorable response on your part to eliminate such misleading advertising in which my popularity by availing of the work I do public good.  I brought to the consideration of State and Federal Authorities of the USA the situation that comes to exist for several years. Why, on this day I informed the authorities about this violation of my rights. In which not only my right violent, but also makes me an easy target to international terrorism, that might confuse me with an easy target for a nonexistent relationship with the agencies in this city announced on its false advertising on the Internet.

Red Detectives Sin Fronteras

SE BUSCA NIÑA DESAPARECIDA: Daiana Soledad Villalva de la Localidad de Moreno

el Sabado 30 de Junio de 2012 desde las 19 horas cuando salio de su domicilio. Se la vio por ultima vez en calle Falucho y Koch de dicha localidad.
Daiana Soledad Villalva
Edad 14 años,
Ocupación: Estudiante.
Estatura 1.60

 Daiana Soledad Villalva 14 años de edad
Ante cualquier información dirigirse vía telefónica al 911 o a la autoridad Policial más próxima a su domicilio o al del lugar del avistamiento de la menor. y escribirnos a interdetectives@gmail.com   insertando en asunto: Caso Daiana Soledad VILLALVA.
Esta publicación se difunde a pedido de la Red No a la Trata. Difusión de niñas que desaparecen del hogar familiar.

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